Following Curiosity

When I started Charity Run I was curious. I was curious if there were any local charities that needed the things that I no longer needed in my house. And I thought if this is something that I’m curious about I’m sure other people are as well. So I decided to invite others to join me in donating the things they no longer needed to organizations that actually need them. Following this curiosity has given me great joy and introduced me to many wonderful organizations and good people making a difference in the community.

Now I’m curious again. What charity runs are other people making? That’s when I had the idea for the Be The Good Challenge. What if I challenged people to fill up Be The Good bags with donations and asked them to share with the Charity Run community where they make their own charity run? That idea got me excited! I can’t wait to see what people collect and where they take them! And if I can share this on Charity Run, maybe it can inspire other people to give and provide ideas of how to give. I truly believe that most of us want to make some kind of difference in this world. Filling up a Be The Good bag and making a charity run is one small way we can do that.


Jill Jonassen