5 Things To Keep In Mind When Donating Used Items

1. Ask what items the organization actually needs at that moment
Their needs constantly change. Before you make the trip to drop off donations - ask them what they really need and ask when you can drop them off. Some of these places do not have regular hours.

2. It’s a lot of work for the organizations to sort through donations
Most organizations have very little storage space, so they have to be particular with what they keep. Take the time to go through your donations and only take the items that are in good condition.

3. Be thoughtful in your giving
Think about the items that you are about to donate and if they are things that someone would actually want.

4. Don’t be offended if the organization cannot accept your donations
Donating is not about you. It’s about helping the organization.

5. Follow the organizations on social media
When a need arises they will usually put a request out on social media. Who knows, you just may have the specific item they’re looking for sitting in your basement.

Jill Jonassen