Why We Need To Talk About Bras

Did you know that bras are one of the least donated items at homeless shelters? It’s a basic need that’s often overlooked and could be an uncomfortable item to ask for when hosting a donation drive. But, they are desperately needed! Women that go without wearing bras for a long period of time chafe and get yeast infections under their breasts to the point of breaking skin and bleeding, which can cause so much pain that they’re unable to move their arms. And for the women that do have bras, they typically only have what they’re wearing without an opportunity to wash them. This takes things to an unsanitary level and can cause the women embarrassment when it starts to smell bad. Undergarments such as bras are vital to all of our dignity and most of us take that for granted. So if you are looking for a way to help those in need - donate bras! A lot of shelters will accept gently worn bras, but it’s always good to check before you make the trip there. And if you are considering purchasing bras to donate, sports bras are the best kind because they are easier to fit different sized women. Usually larger sizes are in high demand.

In the words of Sara Kahmann, Development Director of Welcome House Northern Kentucky, “Every single bra donated is helping one single human being.”

Jill Jonassen